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EL Wire from Diva Bella

E L Wire

E L Wire E L Wire EL Wire that is complete and ready to wear, just add  a battery.  Bend it, wrap it, glue it, sew it where you want.

Available in 3 lengths:

3 feet long, uses one AAA Battery   $11.50 

5 feet long, uses one AA Battery   $14.50 

20 feet long, uses one 9 Volt Battery  $34.00 

10 Colors

Complete kit, just add battery.

3 foot, 5 foot, and 20 foot lengths

Electro Luminescent wire

Battery pack has a Switch to make the wire blink or stay on solid.

From $ 11.50  
E L Wire  



Examples of how to use EL Wire

E L Wire

E L Wire E L Wire
Make a beautiful flower Make your clothes glow Flower patch


E L Wire E L Wire E L Wire
Angel wings Boot laces Bra


E L Wire E L Wire E L Wire
Faerie Wings Art Loveseat Floral decoration


EL wire Red Rose EL Wire 4 Petal Flower with Burning Man attire E L Wire
Embellish a silk flower Make a flower Make your bike glow


E L Wire

Electric Run hat

E L Wire
Katy Perry made a peacock tail with EL Wire, and wore it on the Letterman show Give your hat a fabulous night glow Decorate a vest



Burning Man attire on model


EL Wire Flower with 4 petals on Burner Girl E L Wire
Rose and Fiber Optic barrettes   Glowbys and a flower together make a complete look. 


E L Wire Electric Run costume E L Wire
Hair adornments complete a sexy rave costume You can be creative with the stick figure costume. Yellow EL wire with White Fiber optics and white feathers on a hat


Burning Man costume EL Wire hat

Hat with EL Wire



E L Wire

EL Wire kit showing inverter and connector

5 Petal EL Wire Flower Red

EL Wire 4 Petal Flower

Electric Run accent

A more elaborate stick figure costume    


Also see our EL Wire art

EL Wire Flowers Stick Figure Kits EL Wire Butterfly
E L Wire

E L Wire


E L Wire E L Wire
Beautiful flowers to attach to your hair or costume.
Many styles including Lily, Rose, Sunflower, and Daisy
Battery powered
Stick Figure kit.  Ready to pin, sew or glue to your clothes. 

Replaceable batteries.

Glowing Silk Butterfly with battery powered EL wire
From $ 15 $ 59 $ 19
E L Wire E L Wire E L Wire