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Fun Faux Fur from Diva Bella Designs


Faux Fur Jacket in Rainbow Sherbet color fur    Long faux fur coat in Rainbow Sherbet colors     Fur
Faux Fur Jacket
in Rainbow Sherbet fur 
  Long Coat in
Rainbow Sherbet Fur 
  White Faux Fur Hood with Pom Poms
$  147 $  297 $ 39

Hip Length Light Up Coat from J Valentine in Rainbow Sherbet Colors
  Cropped length jacket with light up LED lighting
Light up faux fur jacket

Light up fur leg warmers/boot covers
Hip Length Fur Coat in Rainbow Sherbet Colors with LED Lights   Light Up Cropped Jacket   Light Up Fur Leg Warmers
$ 197   $ 119   $ 69


Fur coat in pink spiked faux fur   Long faux fur coat with multi colored lights   Long faux fur coat in white tiger pattern  
Long Spike Fur Coat   White Light-up Fur Coat   White Tiger Faux Fur Coat  
$ 197   $ 297   $ 197  

Fur   Light up skirt and top set   Shrug of faux fur with spikes of color  
Boot Covers with Pom Poms   Light Up Skirt and Top Set   Faux Fur Shrug in many colors  
$ 39   $ 79   $ 57  

Fur   Fur   Fur
Chinchilla Skirt and Halter Top Set   Chinchilla Hood with Pom Poms   Chinchilla Pom Pom  Boot Covers
$ 79   $ 39   $ 39
Fur   Fur   Fur


Spike fur pants   Rainbow Fur coat   Spike fur chaps
Spike Fur Pants   Rainbow Fur Coat   Spike Fur Chaps
$ 89   $ 197   $ 79

Fur   Fur   Super Fluffy leg warmers
Wolf Boot covers  (Faux)   Wolf Hood   Super Fluff Leg Warmers
$ 49   $ 53   $ 39
Fur   Fur   Fur  


Furry boot covers or legwarmers   Wolf Fur Corset and Skirt set   Fur  

Furry Boot covers

will make any footwear look fabulous

  Wolf Fur Corset and Skirt set   Plush Reindeer Hood  

$ 46

  $ 108   $ 21.70  



Fur   Fur   Fur  
3 Eyed Fred Monster Hood   Silly Billy Plush Monster Hood   Two-tone Furry Bear Hood

with Pom Poms

$ 37   $ 37   $ 19  
Fur   Fur   Fur  


Fur   Fur   Fur
Shagadelic Boot Covers   Boot Cover or Leg Warmer

Shines with Lurex

  Furry Boot Covers with Sequins
$ 73   $ 26   $ 31
    Fur   Fur